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Our Product Quality Guarantee

When you have a pharmacist formulating natural health products, you know that the highest standards are in place.

The Pharmacist’s Formulas
With a patient-championing pharmacist formulating our products, our primary goal is to provide true therapeutic value, while containing as few non-medicinal ingredients as possible. Our co-founder and formulator, Cyrus Kuhzarani, R.Phm., has applied his unique expertise in developing our line of therapeutic products – designed to build a foundation of health.

NPN products licensed by Health Canada
An NPN (Natural Product Number) is a product license issued by Health Canada. It verifies the potency and usage of all of our product’s ingredients. Health Canada assesses products to be safe, effective and of high quality.

Having a product with an NPN is a regulatory assurance that consumers are provided with adequate information to make an educated product choice in the natural product category.

Premium Ingredients
We spend a lot of time sourcing high quality ingredients before we even start with an NPN application for a new product – and we aim to maintain long lasting relationships with key suppliers to guarantee product consistency. We never formulate by hunting for the cheapest source available.

When Raw Materials arrive at the Factory
Any ingredient, medicinal or non-medicinal, gets put under quarantine until we can verify that our own specifications are being met.

We never rely or trust supplier Certificate’s of Analysis (CofA’s).
Raw materials are first sent for testing to independent, third party, ISO certified laboratories to confirm ingredient identity, potency (assay testing) and heavy metal, pesticide and microbial content.

Pure Lab Vitamins’ testing specifications surpass Health Canada Guidelines.
In addition to our own quality standards, we implement the Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP), which help provide quality assurance and control.

Once all ingredients have passed Pure Lab’s specifications on testing, will raw materials be released into the production process.

After the Production Process
We are not done yet. In order to make sure that no errors or contaminations have taken place during the production process, our finished products are sent to our third party, ISO certified laboratory partners. We assay test again for potency to have proof the capsules actually contain what the labels claim – and also re-test for microbial content to ensure that no contamination took place during the production process.

Now Its Ready for You.
Only if all of these processes are passed, do we release finished products and start shipping to retailers and consumers.