Pure Lab Vitamins is an Ottawa-based natural health company owned by Roger Biddle and Cyrus Kuhzarani. Cyrus is a leading compounding pharmacist, known for his patient-championing support of natural health – and Roger is an experienced marketing strategist with decades of experience in the natural health sector.

From day one we have shared a passion to reach people with actionable knowledge and usable health products. As a community pharmacist renowned for his knowledge and passion to help people with their health, Cyrus has developed our unique line of supplements that have a focus on helping replenish the body from key deficiencies – and Roger ensures that our whole team's experience and interest in helping developing relationships with retailers and customers is fully engaged.

We are thrilled to be working with genuine and caring customers across Canada – and look forward to sharing the efficacy of our unique products and the positive outcomes we hear about every day!

The PLV Team

Owner Cyrus Kuhzarani
Cyrus Kuhzarani   |   R.Phm.   |   Owner
613-601-6625   |
Owner Cyrus Kuhzarani
Roger Biddle   |   Owner
613-851-7457   |

Linda St. Pierre | BA Economics
National Sales Manager
Kelly McInnes
Office Manager
Shannon Burchell
Shannon Burchell
Maritimes Sales Representative
Nandita Narula
Nandita Narula
Demo Team
Andrea Bartels
Andrea Bartels
Product Educator
Jazz Mattu
Saroja G. Poilblan
Quebec Liaison
Jeanette Annecchini
Jeanette Annecchini   |   Detoxification Specialist & Alkaline Coach
Product Expert & Educator
Mandie Norton
Mandie Norton
Customer Service and Shipping

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