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Our Product Quality Guarantee

What happens when a German trained compounding pharmacist starts exploring the power of vitamins and minerals for his patients?

A science-driven line of therapeutic products is born!

With a patient-championing pharmacist formulating our products, our primary goal is to provide true therapeutic value, while containing as few non-medicinal ingredients as possible.

Pure Lab Vitamins initially started in 2010 when Cyrus was working as a compounding pharmacist in Ottawa and was increasingly being sought out for his knowledge of how vitamin and mineral supplementation could provide relief to people instead of medication. The popularity of one of his formulas for managing pain – Magnesium Glycinate – quickly outgrew the confines of the pharmacy lab he was working in.

Pure Lab Vitamins now features over 28 clinically based formulas to supplement the nutrient depleted Standard American Diet (SAD) – and to help build a foundation of health.

Our goal is for our products to be helpful for 8 out of 10 people – and to support the relationships between health professionals and independent natural health retailers and their customers. Pure Lab Vitamin products are currently sold at over 200 locations, including leading independent natural health stores, chiropractic clinics, naturopathic clinics, and online retail outlets such as

Pure Lab Vitamins – Replenish and Thrive

The PLV Team

Owner Cyrus Kuhzarani
Cyrus Kuhzarani   |   R.Phm.   |   Owner
Owner Roger Biddle
Roger Biddle   |   Owner

Tanya Pennington
National Sales Manager
Kelly McInnes
Operations Manager
Andrea Bartels
Andrea Bartels - CNP NNCP RNT
Head of Education
Registered Nutritional Therapist
Jazz Mattu
Saroja G. Poilblan
Quebec Liaison
Jeanette Annecchini
Jeanette Annecchini  
Product Expert & Educator
Robin Barkhouse
Robin Barkhouse
GTA / Southern Ontario Sales Representative
Liz Coulas
Eastern Ontario Sales Representative
Darryl Fontaine
Darryl Fontaine
Alberta Sales Representative
Sarah Staniforth
Sarah Staniforth
Vancouver Island Sales Representative
Jenna Pozar
Jenna Pozar
Vancouver Sales Representative
Chris Pozar
Chris Pozar
Vancouver Sales Representative

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