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AlkaPure pH

Balance gastric and systemic acidity, naturally

The body’s metabolic processes depend on proper pH balance. Without the proper tissue pH, enzymatic reactions slow down, get de-activated and switch off. This impairs practically any metabolic pathway where enzymes require more alkaline ranges, including the elimination of wastes. The backlog of uncleared toxins becomes inflammatory, resulting in aches and pains, fatigue, skin irritation, and more. Ultimately, proper pH is critical for the elimination of toxins we consume, and for reducing the metabolic waste products we produce.

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About AlkaPure pH

We can support our pH buffering systems and acid clearance with fresh fruits and vegetables. But are you getting enough? Some cooking and food processing methods cause alkaline mineral losses from your food. That’s why supplementing alkaline mineral compounds to reduce systemic acidity is helpful.

Alkapure pH promotes proper pH of the tissues and cells, reducing the acidic effects of stress, poor diet and inactivity on our body. AlkaPure pH provides potassium, sodium and magnesium in forms that the body uses to buffer acids, protecting from inflammation-promoting, undesirable mineral deposits and mineral losses in the urine.

Our pH-supportive formula is sodium- and potassium balanced, allowing nutrients and water to flow into cells, and waste to be flushed out. The effect is rehydrating, not dehydrating. This is important because too much sodium can contribute to high blood pressure, bloating and cellular dehydration.

Our recommended dosage of Alkapure pH is 3 capsules taken twice a day, on an empty stomach, away from medications---at least 1 hour before a meal, or 2 hours after a meal, with plenty of water.

Pure Lab’s AlkaPure pH may also be used as an antacid. When taken after a meal that has induced ‘acid indigestion’, Alkapure pH relieves the discomfort of heartburn by neutralizing acids--yet it’s free of calcium, aluminum and bismuth.



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