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Alkapure pH Test Strips

Physiological pH paper for salivary and urinary pH testing

About Alkapure pH Test Strips

AlkaPure pH should be dosed, based on urinary/salivary pH testing.

The goal, as with most things in health is to achieve balance. You are aiming to reach alkalinity during the day and allow your body to drop back into acidity during the night.

Constant alkalinity is just as bad as constant acidity!

pH Testing has always been controversial, because our bodies are in constant flux and one test
is just a snap shot of your pH range throughout the day. 

We recommend to test salivary pH, and, to test frequently in the beginning.
Keep a pH diary to learn more about how your body. You'll see how you respond to certain foods, drinks, and life situations. This will help you make informed - better - decisions about food and life style.

Some individuals with reflux symptoms and chronic inflammation, surprisingly test in very alkaline ranges, pH >8 or dark blue. This would give you the false impression that all is good.
But what is measured in such a cases is the bodies response to excessive acidity and the attempt to neutralize by dumping alkaline minerals from bone and muscle reservoirs.
What is happening here is osteoporosis in progress.

Once these individuals start using AlkaPure pH, it takes over the "dumping action", the osteoporotic process stops and the underlying acidic levels of the tissues reveal themselves, usually within 1-2 days.



As with anything in life - balance is key.

In the beginning, measure your pH more often for 5 consecutive days and record your results:

Early morning, before you brush your teeth,
at around 10 o’clock a.m, between breakfast and lunch,
at around 3 o’clock p.m, between lunch and dinner,
at bedtime.

Always test on empty stomack after meals,  at least 1 hour after food and drink.

Collect saliva and swallow the first collection, then use the second collection for testing.

It is normal to be slightly acidic in the morning (pH 6.5 to 6.8), as long as you turn alkaline, pH > 7, during the day.

Most of us, with stressful life's, pro-acidic diets and insufficient water intake, accumulate acids in the tissues and we tend to linger at a pH of 5.5 to 6.5 all day, preventing proper enzyme function and detoxification, thus promoting inflammation.

Some of us test almost neutral (pH=7), despite lots of inflammation due to large acid deposits in the tissues. This could be considered a false negative.
AlkaPure pH will jump start detoxification in these individuals and previously neutral tests quickly drop into acidic range, revealing hyperacidity.

Once you work with Alkapure and learn about your pH range, you will learn about how your body responds to diet, exercise, and supplementation - and most individuals require less frequent testing, usually just a couple of times a week, in the early morning.

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