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Carbonyl Iron 22.5mg

The most absorbable and energy-enhancing of all iron supplements

Iron deficiency leaves us lacking energy, stamina, and motivation. That’s because iron is essential for the health and maintenance of our red blood cells, which transport oxygen to the body’s tissues.

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About Carbonyl Iron 22.5mg

Does the thought of taking an iron supplement make you feel queasy? Commonly prescribed iron supplements such as ferrous fumarate and ferrous sulfate are poorly absorbed, with nausea, constipation and black stool as side effects. So if you’ve had a bad experience with iron supplementation it may be because you weren’t absorbing much of it.

Poor absorption isn’t your fault. In fact, no oral iron supplement comes close to being 100% absorbed—even those in liquid form.In fact, iron is one of the most difficult minerals to absorb. For example, just 11 percent of a dose of ferrous sulfate is actually absorbed.

With an absorption rate of 69 percent, Pure Lab Vitamins-Carbonyl Iron is absorbed 3 times better than heme iron (blood-sourced)--yet it’s vegan. That’s because carbonyl iron is prepared in a way that reduces its particle size and increases its surface area. The result is a safer, better-absorbed and better-tolerated iron supplement capable of restoring the body’s iron levels more quickly than iron salts can.

Allow our iron to do the heavy-lifting. Pure Lab Vitamins-Carbonyl Iron is metallic iron, providing more elemental iron to the blood per dose compared to ferrous sulfate and other iron salts. This means you don’t need to take hundreds of milligrams per day to get results—and with our lower dosing, the chance of side effects is greatly reduced.

It has been said that when it comes to supplementation, absorption is everything---but so is compliance. After all, even the best supplement won’t be effective if you don’t take it. With low risk of side effects,Pure Lab’s Carbonyl Iron enjoys a higher rate of compliance and better results than commonly prescribed iron supplements.



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