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L-Theanine Chewables

The secret ingredient for stress first discovered in green tea that helps calm the busy brain without sedatives or stimulants

Do you get anxious under stress? Do you lose your concentration easily? Do you have trouble falling asleep because of stressful thoughts? No matter what your age, ethnicity, occupation or socio-economic status, stress is a universal experience that can wreak havoc on our ability to cope with life.

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About L-Theanine Chewables

L-theanine promotes relaxation without the sedating effects that many herbs and pharmaceuticals have. Discovered in 1949 as a natural component of green tea leaves, it balances our primary neurotransmitters— serotonin, GABA and dopamine— while promoting the alpha brain waves responsible for a simultaneous feeling of alertness and relaxation. At the same time, l-theanine inhibits the effects of the stress hormones epinephrine and norepinephrine. The result is a calm, focused mind that is more resilient against stress, a better sleep and a better mood.

Whether you’re medicated or not, l-theanine has an excellent safety profile for children and adults alike. Especially indicated for those with a ‘busy brain’, it calms racing thoughts. When taken at bedtime, l-theanine may reduce incidence of early wake-ups. Best of all, l-theanine is may be taken at any time and is safe to use preventatively, so there’s no need to reserve it for the onset of a stressful occasion.



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