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Magnesium Glycinate Raspberry Lemon Powder Mix

Since 2002, Pure Lab’s Magnesium Glycinate has been the foundational magnesium product for better absorption and bowel tolerance.

Magnesium is present in foods, like nuts, greens and whole grains--yet at least 80 percent of North Americans are deficient. Considering hectic lifestyles, dependence upon fast foods, nut allergies and chronic health conditions, it’s no wonder that society is falling short on the Recommended Daily Intake of about 450 milligrams per day of this mineral.


About Magnesium Glycinate Raspberry Lemon Powder Mix

Magnesium is required for energy production, protein synthesis, heartbeat regulation, muscle function, nerve conduction and blood sugar metabolism. Vital for activation of nerves and movement of muscles, it influences blood pressure, sleep, pain and relaxation. Like with any nutrient, your individual needs vary according to health condition and stress level. Supplementation can provide a safe, convenient and effective way to meet these needs.

You’ve probably seen a wide array of natural health products that contain magnesium, but they aren’t all equal in their health benefits. Reports of unwanted side effects like bloating, gas and loose stool with the use of pure magnesium oxide supplements are common. This is because only a small amount of the magnesium from magnesium oxide is absorbed from the gut into the blood, and the unabsorbed portion is left in the bowel—whether you need it or not—causing loose stools.

To be clear, we don’t view magnesium oxide as ‘bad’ magnesium. It has the ability to replenish the body’s supply, at higher doses—and it will also be an effective natural laxative. However, we realize that for some people, ‘side benefits’ like this are undesired, and viewed more like ‘side effects’.

With this in mind, it becomes obvious that Pure Lab Vitamins Magnesium Glycinate is a better option. Each magnesium atom within magnesium glycinate is bound to 2 molecules of L-glycine to aid its absorption. Our formula is a unique formulation that combines a special ratio of reacted magnesium glycinate with a magnesium oxide-glycine dry chelate blend.

It is this combination of features that dramatically improves the absorption of our magnesium compared to straight magnesium oxide. So, while other companies may use these inferior compounds to boast a higher-dose per capsule, their formulas are more likely to cause unwanted side effects.

Why glycine? L-Glycine is the smallest amino acid and is essential to human health. It has a relaxing effect on the nervous system, and it has anti-inflammatory properties, too. It’s also one of the three building blocks of glutathione, making magnesium glycinate a great choice for supporting a variety of nervous-system afflictions, including chronic pain and immune support.


Frequently Asked Questions


Question:Is Pure Lab’s Magnesium Glycinate different from “Magnesium Bisglycinate”?  

Answer: No. “Magnesium glycinate” is a simpler way of saying ‘bisglycinate’. Both indicate the presence of two molecules of l-glycine attached to each magnesium particle. Pure Lab’s Magnesium Glycinate contains magnesium bisglycinate. 


Question: Does Pure Lab’s Magnesium Glycinate need to be taken with food? 

Answer: No, Pure Lab’s Magnesium Glycinate does not need to be taken with food. However, some individuals may choose to take it at meal time. 


Question: Does Pure Lab’s Magnesium Glycinate have any side effects? 

Answer: Some individuals may experience loose stool with magnesium supplementation. However, this is usually dose-dependent.  


Question: What use is Pure Lab’s Magnesium Glycinate approved for? 

Answer: In Canada, the registered health claim for Pure Lab’s Magnesium Glycinate is ‘promotes muscle function’.  


Question: Is Pure Lab’s Magnesium Glycinate vegan? 

Answer: Pure Lab’s Magnesium Glycinate contains no animal-derived ingredients. It is vegan. 


Question: Is Pure Lab Vitamins a Canadian company? 

Answer: Yes, Pure Lab Vitamins is proudly Canadian owned and operated. Our products are made in Canada.   


Question: Is Pure Lab’s Magnesium Glycinate made in a GMP-certified facility? 

Answer: Yes, Pure Lab’s Magnesium Glycinate is made in a GMP-certified facility. 


Question: Is Pure Lab’s Magnesium Glycinate third-party tested? 

Answer: Yes, Pure Lab’s Magnesium Glycinate is third-party tested. Our raw materials and finished goods are always tested by ISO-certified labs. 



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