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Newsflash: inflammation is GOOD for us

Newsflash: inflammation is GOOD for us

By Andrea Bartels CNP NNCP RNT
Registered Nutritional Therapist

26 Mar 2020

Newsflash: inflammation is GOOD for us

That's right: inflammation is actually beneficial and necessary during infection (as long as it's not chronic or severe). Without inflammation, the body doesn't stand a chance at fending off pathogenic invaders. Inflammation helps concentrate white blood cells-the soldiers of the immune system---into the area where infection is occurring. Add to that the discomfort that it creates, which forces us to rest so these soldiers can do their job more effectively.

Some of these "soldiers" destroy virus-infected cells, while others actually eat them up---along with the damaged tissue they leave behind. Then there are the white blood cells that fight by launching 'weapons', like cytokines. These are inflammatory messengers that are launched at dangerous invading micro-organisms as part of an effective attack. Pretty neat, isn't it? But none of this can happen without an adequate supply of micro-nutrients---minerals and vitamins we need in small but regular quantities to keep these key offensive strategies happening. Some of these cytokine-building nutrients include vitamins B-6, folate, C and E, as well as selenium, zinc and copper. Without all of them, the immune system just doesn't have the clout to fulfil its job. Are you getting enough micro-nutrients to support a healthy inflammatory response? Pure Lab Vitamins offers supplementary vitamin B-6, folate, D, selenium, zinc and copper in the most bioavailable compounds available to help you optimize your immune function.

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