By Andrea Bartels CNP NNCP RNT
Registered Nutritional Therapist

01 Apr 2020

The psychological stress of being physically separated from friends, extended family and even co-workers impairs immune function because it elevates cortisol-an energizing stress hormone whose side-effect is to counteract inflammation. However, inflammation is a necessary part of an effective immune response against viruses and bacteria, so a stress-induced suppressing of the immune system is counter-productive in a time like this.

While there are many nutrients critical for the immune system's optimal functioning, vitamin D is one that can take a nose dive when you're under acute stress. While we don't know exactly which mechanism is responsible for this, we do know that stress in general uses up nutrients at a faster rate by revving up the metabolic rate. Stress reduces our resistance to infection in this way. So it's a good time to point out that Vitamin D's anti-microbial, immune-modulating actions have been observed in patients with pneumonia and influenza, making it an especially relevant and valuable nutrient during today's crisis.

For most Canadians, a lack of adequate sun exposure over the autumn and winter months has left our bodies depleted of vitamin D. That's why Pure Lab Vitamins Vitamin D provides 1000 International Units of cholecalciferol per dry form capsule. Just one capsule daily supplies more than the minimum Recommended Daily Intake to help optimize blood levels*. It just makes sense that comprehensive stress support should include immune support, so remember to connect with others in every way possible---and get your vitamin D.

Please consult with a Naturopathic Physician (ND) to determine your unique optimal level of supplementary intake.

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