The Pure Lab Vitamins Show Ep.1

Magnesium 101 Webinar Replay

Cyrus discusses the many benefits of Magnesium Glycinate including helping with chronic pain, spasms and cramping, migraines, constipation, diabetes and more!

The Pure Lab Vitamins Show Ep.2

Seasonal Affective Disorder: Fighting the Winter Blues

Seasonal Affective Disorder is a subtype of depression. Many people experience the ‘blues’ as the days become shorter. The majority of those suffering from SAD are women. Cyrus discusses identifying symptoms and causes - as well as the natural treatment options such as diet, lifestyle, and supplementation.

The Pure Lab Vitamins Show Ep.3

How pH Affects Collagen and Inflammation

Left untreated, hyper-acidity can lead to chronic inflammatory conditions over time. Our skin is one of the body’s prime deposit sites for acidic waste and provides visual cues as to our overall health.

Learn: • How do we become so acidic? • What are the common skin conditions associated with chronic inflammation? • How does hyper-acidity impact collagen production and youthfulness? • Which supplements can support proper pH balance?