Pure Lab Vitamins changed my life! I was in a car accident 9 years ago that left me with chronic back pain. I took anything and everything that a doctor prescribed to me to alleviate my pain. Narcotics left me


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Did you know that PLV's non-sedating, non-habit forming L-Theanine starts working rapidly and its effects lasts for hours! Help take control of stress and stress induced anxiety – while increasing your focus, with L-Theanine. #stress #anxiety #health #focus #ottawaHappy to be at White Cross Dispensary today for another awesome demo day!If you're looking to get more out of your exercise performance and recover quicker, Magnesium Glycinate helps keep muscles relaxed – while reducing inflammation. Low magnesium levels could result in muscle fatigue after exercise. Try 1 capsule before and 2 after the next time you exercise to improve your performance and recovery. #replenish #health #exercise #muscle #ottawaDid you know drinking tea during a meal may inhibit iron absorption, make sure to drink your tea between meals if you are at risk for iron deficiency (M.Zijp, Korver, B.M.Tijburg). #iron #replenish #absorption #health #ottawaIf you're taking iron supplements, but still not achieving optimal ferritin levels, this could be a result of poor absorption rates associated with many common forms such as: Proferrin, Iron Bisglycinate, Ferrous Gluconate and Ferrous Fumarate (Palafer). Carbonyl Iron has the highest absorption rate on the market at 69%. More absorption = less stomach upsets and constipation. #iron #replenish #health #ottawa